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    Eyelash extensions are synthetic or mink lashes individually attached to your natural eyelash. This service should only be performed by a licensed professional. Once applied, these lashes are so natural looking it is difficult to tell even up close that you have extensions on. Different lengths and curls are available for a customized look.
    With proper care of the extensions and based on your natural lash cycle, your extensions can last 5-8 weeks. To keep your lashes full and looking great, maintenance appointments, or “refills”, are suggested every 2-3 weeks. These are necessary as your lashes grow out in a continuous cycle of replenishment. Please do not attempt to remove any lashes on your own, seek professional help from your technician. We will not be held liable for any damage that you may cause by trying to remove the eyelash extensions on your own.
    Yes, all of our adhesives are medical grade adhesives that are latex and formaldehyde free.
    Absolutely Not! The Lash Adhesive Is Formulated To Create A Solid Bond, Specifically For Human Lashes. As Long As Lashes Are Applied Safely And Correctly, They Do Not Harm The Natural Lash.
    ​ Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes with mild, oil free cleanser. Please do not apply oil based mascara, makeup or removers on your lashes prior to the application. Oppose to spending excessive time cleaning your lashes, we would rather spend time working on perfecting your lash application. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them and wear glasses to your appointment, or bring a lens case and remove them when you arrive at your appointment. Plan to set aside 1-2 hours for your appointment
    Do not pull on the lash. Please contact ILashHer to make an appointment to have them removed or replaced, to avoid damage to your natural lash. As your natural lashes fall out due to the growth cycle, you will need refills when new lashes grow. At first you may find you need a refill every 2 weeks. As you become accustomed to the extensions and with a little practice maintaining the lashes, the time between refills can be extended to 3-4 weeks. ​
  • What is Microblading?
    Microblading is a technique using a super-fine pen to deposit pigment into skin. The tip is so fine, in fact, that it can create hair strokes. And the needles reach only into the superficial layers of the skin, which is what makes the method semi-permanent (versus permanent, like traditional cosmetic tattoos). Think of each stroke as a little paper-cut. (we know what you're wondering: yes, it hurts, but your brow artist will numb the area first making any discomfort minimal or non-existent.) Compared to other techniques, microblading gives a very natural look and better simulates hair, this service is perfect for the client with minimal or fine brow hair.
  • How Long Does Microblading Last?
    You'll need a touch-up in about a month (the cost of this is budgeted into the fee of the initial service). Then, microblading can last anywhere from 12 months to three years, depending on your lifestyle. A few ways to extend it: stay out of the sun, since it can fade the pigment, and avoid putting exfoliants (like retinol and glycolic acid) near your brows, because they'll lift the top layers of your skin with continued use—and the color with it.
  • What is Microshading?
    Microshading technique is done using an electric hand tool, which creates a soft, powdered effect that resembles eyebrow powder. Instead of the hair stroke typical with microblading, microshading employs a stippling method, which uses repetitive dots of pigment. It's like the pomade or powder to microblading's pencil strokes—just semi-permanent. The overall effect more closely resembles the sort of brow you'd find after a makeup application. This service would be for clients have thinning eyebrows with drier skin—so, likely on the more mature side. Thinning brows can benefit from the extra boost of shading.
  • How Long Does Microshading?
    Microshading does last longer than microblading. Microshading can last years longer than microblading before needing a touch-up
  • What is a Permanent Brow Consultation?
    This will help you understand first if you are suitable for the permanent brows. We cover any medications that have listed for contraindications with brow tattooing. Find out what your concerns are with your brows and what you are looking to achieve with a micro shading application. Take photos of your brows for your client file. We decide on what color is best suited for you by swatching it against your skin as it is easier to see which color is best suited for you. All photos and notes are added to each client file to ensure at time we use the exact choices made at consultation. We also draw the design on and map your brows out to ensure the ideal shapes are met. This also gives you an idea of what you are looking for. A Consultation must be booked and completed prior to permanent brow application.
  • Can I have Eyebrow Tint with my Brow Lamination?
    Yes, you can add tint with your brow lamination. Brow Henna may not be added with brow lamination due to possible irritation.
  • How do I know which last set to book?
    It depends on the volume you would like to have. The lash set does not determine the length. You can get your lash set as long or as short as you want. The lash set determines the amount of lash extensions you will have applied per natural lash you have. So if you get the classic it is one lash extension per natural lash. And if you get 2D it is two lash extensions per natural lash you have. You can view the different lash sets on our Instagram @ilashher. Or you can view our work on yelp or google.
  • What are our prices?
    At iLashHer, we offer a variety of beauty services at competitive prices. Our lash extensions start at $110 for a full set, with refill appointments starting at $55. Our brow services start at $12 for shaping and $35 for tinting. We also offer permanent makeup application services starting at $350. Please visit our Book an appointment page for a full list of our offerings and pricing. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.
  • How can I book an appointment?
    You can book an appointment online under the book an appointment tab or the book now button located on the website. Or you can call the salon at 404-397-9271 during business hours and our receptionist can book your appointment. Please note for all appointments a valid card is held on file. You are not charged a deposit and may use a different card for payment at time of service. The only occurrence where a charge will occur is in which the client does a no call no show or cancels an appointment in less than the 24 hour period. You will be sent an email, text and phone call reminder sent 24 hours prior to your appointment.
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