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Makeup Artist Makeup

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Our Expert Makeup Services

Discover our Professional Makeup Artist Near You! Our talented makeup artist is dedicated to enhancing your natural features and bringing your vision to life. From prom to bridal glam to editorial looks, we offer a wide range of makeup services tailored to suit your unique style and preferences. Conveniently located near you our makeup artist is your go-to destination for professional makeup artistry. Whether you're searching for a professional makeup artist near me or top-notch makeup services, look no further.

Book your makeup service appointment today and experience professional makeup firsthand!

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Our Professional Makeup Services

Discover Your Signature Look: Explore Our Diverse Makeup Styles 

Natural Makeup Service

Natural Glam Makeup Service 

Natural Glam Effortless Makeup while being a slightly more glamorous and put-together version of your natural self.

Cost $75

Soft Glam Makeup Service

Soft Glam Makeup Service 

Soft glam makeup is a makeup style that focuses on creating a polished and sophisticated look while maintaining a subtle and natural appearance.

Cost $85


Full Glam Makeup Service 

Full Glam Makeup style that embraces bold, dramatic, and highly stylized features to create a glamorous and striking appearance. 

Cost $95


Bridal Glam Makeup 

Our Bridal makeup aims to enhance the bride's natural beauty and create a look that is both timeless and elegant. Bridal makeup typically focuses on creating a flawless complexion, accentuating the eyes, and enhancing the lips. Call and book your bridal makeup consultation today 

Natural Prom Makeup Service

Prom makeup is a makeup service that focuses on creating a polished look for your big night. Makeup can be adjusted to clients preferences in Natural, Soft or Full Glam.

From Natural to Full Glam: Our Work Showcases Our Range in Beauty 

Discover Your True Beauty Potential with iLashHer Makeup Services 
Book Your Stunning Makeup Experience Today

At iLashHer Lash and Brow Bar, we're passionate about bringing out your best. Whether you're looking for a bold new makeup look or a natural subtle new look our professional makeup artist is here to provide you with a professional makeup experience that's tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Get Expert Makeup Services by a Professional Makeup Artist at iLashHer. Explore Our Signature Makeup Services! Our Makeup Artist Specializes in Professional Makeup Services For All Occasions including Soft Glam, Full Glam, and Natural Glam Makeup Looks.
Book Your 
Professional Makeup Appointment with our Expert Makeup Artist Today. 

Flexible And Convenient Appointments Options Available : Visit Our Austell  Location

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